Earthquake In Sikkim 18th September, 2011

Earthquake In Sikkim 18th September, 2011

 Introduction: In or about 18th September, 2011 at about 6.11 p.m. a devastating earthquake has disrupted the social life at Sikkim. The intensity of the earthquake was 6.8 as measured by the Richter scale.

Cause of earthquake: The tectonic plate under the land of India has been trying to go under the plate of Tibet. So a great amount of energy is getting stored there. This energy goes on increasing and at a certain stage it causes rupture of mountains or land and earthquake results.

Epicenter: Some people say that the epicenter of the earthquake was under Mangan of Sikkim. Some other people say that the epicenters of the earthquake were at any area under the Himalayas. As a result of this earthquake the land below the Kanchenjunga tried to move a little northward in respect of Tibet.

Damages: This earthquake affected Sikkim worsely. Here Lanchen, Lachen and Yang thung have been harmed much. Moreover, there was landslide in the hills. So, some roads have been blocked. The famous Nathu-La Pass was also blocked. The communication system has been totally disrupted. Quite a few people lost their lives and some people were injured also. In accordance with the Government statement the number of dead people is 39/40. Some people died at Nepal, Bihar and Bengal. In accordance with the latest news the number of dead people is 70. The tremor had been felt at Kolkata also.

Relief measures: Immediately after the earthquake relief operation started. The Army has been engaged in the relief operation, most efficiently. It has become clear from this devastation that advance warning system is required in respect of earthquake.

Some facts: Is as much necessary to take some special arrangements regarding avoidance of loss of lives and other things caused by the earthquake. So, it is necessary to collect all information in respect of change of weather of the earth and change of earth surface. Effective modern instruments/machineries/detectors must be installed at earthquake-prone areas to have an idea of impending earthquake. The observation system must be free of faults. Furthermore special technology must be resorted to regarding construction of buildings at those earthquake-prone areas. Steel frame is built around houses in some countries to decrease the destructive effect of earthquake. Shock absorbers made of steel or Rubber is also used there. We must take note of those facts. Moreover houses should be built on strong soil/surface to get rid of much/most destruction. It must be kept in mind that there is a sadness of earthquake. So, it is necessary to remain alert always in respect of probable earthquake. In order to avoid much destruction people and specially the students must be trained properly. To avoid destruction at earthquake-prone areas people must be given training and trained force should be kept ready to take control of any perilous situation.

Conclusion:  It must be realized that general people tend to get panicked in any critical situation. Therefore trained people are capable of bringing confidence and courage among such people and arrange to protect them.