The Donkey and the Dog Story

The moral of the story of the donkey and the dog is “Don’t try to be what you are not”.

Once a man had a little dog. He was very fond of it. He would often take it into his lap and pat his back.

The man had a donkey. It wanted to be a pet of his master.

One day the man was sitting on his chair. He had the dog on his knees. He was giving it bits of food to eat.

The donkey said to himself, ‘If I do as the dog, then my master will make a pet of me. The dog wags its tail and barks. It also jumps on his knees. Let me wag my tail and bray. I’ll then jump on his knees.’

Thus thinking, the donkey began to bray. It also wagged its tail. It then tried to jump on his master’s knees.

The master got afraid. He cried aloud. His servant came out of the house. He began to beat the donkey with a stick. The donkey ran away into the field.

Moral: Don’t try to be what you are not.