Digvijay Singh in the Pune city

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh heavily cracked down upon the Centre while speaking at the Congress Bhavan in the city, today. He said that the Centre is committed to build the temple in Ayodhya, still the temples in Banaras are being razzed. This means they use temples as weapon to play around in the politics, he added.

Singh also expressed his disgrace over undue publicity given to Rahul embracing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament and his winking an eye to his fellow MP during the no confidence motion. The one time alliance of BJP in the Centre Telugu Desam Party moved the no confidence motion and Shivsena also was abstained from voting. All the allies of BJP are drifting apart, Singh said in his speech.

Singh also criticized the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for not performing the Pooja of Lord Viththala at Pandharpur. He said that CM gave assurance to the Maratha and Dhangar leaders to look into the matter of reservation to these communities; but did nothing. The CM does not believe in this deity of Maharashtra so he skipped the Pooja shielding the Maratha agitation that may invite untoward incidents during the function; but he is the sole responsible for the situation.

Singh also expressed his displeasure over issues like demonetization, Rafale deal, breaking ties with PDP government in Kashmir, and calling off mountain security force decision.

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