Dietary principles in Yoga – eat healthy, stay healthy

Diet has a huge influence over our health. A proper diet must include more fruits and vegetables. One should take proper meals at regular timings. And most importantly water intake should be maximum.

Unhealthy diet increases the risk of many illnesses. Diet is an essential part of yoga.


– Do not eat anything for at least one and a half hour after waking up

– Drink a luke-warm water in the morning

– Lunch may be taken around 12 noon

– Take dinner two to three hours before sleep

– Dinner may be taken around 6.30 pm

– Breakfast must be healthy and nutritious

– Take the breakfast within two hours of waking – up

Satvik ahar is a diet that offers your body a great basis for yogic practices. Satvik ahaar or yogic diet help to maintain the same energized, light feeling that is achieved through yoga.

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– As per yoga shastra, half of the stomach should be filled with food

– One fourth of the stomach should be filled with water

– The remaining one fourth part of the stomach should remain empty

– Avoid over eating

– Eating in the right quantity helps in easy digestion

– Avoid drinking too much water along with the meals

– Meals should preferably be taken at the regular timings

– Take meals in a quiet and calm environment


– Diet must have variety of foods

– Include more fruits and vegetables in the diet

Following the principles of healthy eating and having a yogic diet can help you attain a higher level of spirituality by generating positive energy. Make the effort to create a new life balance for yourself through a Yogic diet.