Death of Shivaji (April 1680)

Shivaji died on 3rd April, 1680. But, he is still alive in the heart of the Indians.

Shivaji’s last days were clouded with anxiety. Shambhuji’s desertion came like a blow and he felt distressed about the future of his great kingdom. The heir-apparent had proved vicious and the king’s second son Raja Ram was just a boy of ten. His second wife, Soyarabai wanted the suppression of Shambhuji and the recognition of her son Raja Ram as heir.

In view of these circumstances, Shivaji entertained grave doubts about the future of the Maratha state. He found no solution. He then left for Raigarh on 14th February, 1680 and celebrated his Raja Ram’s marriage ceremony. He fell ill and died on 3rd April, 1680.