Death Penalty For First Time Drug Smuggler, Punjab CM Recommends Centre


Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has written to the Home Minister Rajnath Singh recommending a death penalty even for first-time drug smugglers.

In his letter, he pointed out that the existing NDPS (The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) Act, 1985 must be amended. The existing act provides death penalty for certain offences, if they are committed for the second time.

“This means that a person can indulge in these nefarious activities and get away at least once, causing substantial damage to the youth and society,” Amarinder Singh pointed out, adding that a harsher penalty for even first-time offenders in drug peddling could be a deterrent to those indulging in this illegal activity.”

Informing Rajnath Singh of the magnitude of the drug problem in Punjab, Amarinder Singh said drug dealing and peddling had caused serious strains on Punjab’s human and economic resources.

He also pointed out that the drug menace is affecting the present generation of youth not only in Punjab but also in the neighbouring states.

He also elaborated that various measures have been undertaken by his government to enforce the existing laws against drug abuse and for rehabilitation and de-addiction.

The action plan executed by the Congress government in over a year has resulted in the arrest of 18,977 drug peddlers and treatment of more than two lakh addicts in the state, he said.