Dear Parents, Give your child a free hand !

Dear Parents,

The results of Class 10 and Class 12 are out. Your children may have scored great results, while for some your child might have not excelled up to your expectations. Some might have even given the entrances for engineering, medical, architecture and a variety other courses that are to offer. But has your child taken up the course upon himself as a part of his larger dream or have you pressurised him to take up the course which he hesitated to?

When a child finishes his school the biggest concern for any parent, irrespective of the social status is to get him an admission in a reputable college but today the need of the industry has changed. A reputable college is not just sufficient for your child to go guns in life, he must possess technical know-how, skills beyond which are required for the job. These skills will only be achieved if he is set free and not caged by your love and pampering.

A child in his childhood dreams to be a super-hero which he later realizes that its a complete farce but you don’t mock him at that very young are, you let him dream. Similarly, let your child dream even when he grows up. Let him understand life by himself, don’t force your judgement upon him, let him see the world and understand its true colours all by himself.

Today, Engineering has become the most saturated course. It might pay you more but its mundane to the core. Children today don’t wish to have a 9 to 5 job, they want to explore life. There are a variety of fields that have emerged which also pays huge dividends.

Education is the field where most people are required today. Travel industry has 17 percent growth. Artificial intelligence and machine learning has grown. Organic farming has also risen.

Photography, digital marketing, animation, event management, bio-technology,advertisement and content writers, bloggers and vloggers (food, travel), stand up comedians, financial advisers, sound engineering etc. have come to the fore as strong career options.

Give your child a freehand. What will happen at the most? He will fail. Let him. Failure is the biggest teacher. The failure at a previous job will make him not repeat the similar mistake again.

Do think upon it.


(The writer is an educational entrepreneur working on home-schooling in Pune)

(This is an opinion piece and the views expressed are the author’s own. The POST neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

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