Crossing the borders of Love “Pune via Bihar”

‘ प्रेम कर भिल्लासारखं बाणावरती खोचलेलं…
मातीमध्ये उगवून सुध्दा मेघापर्यंत पोहोचलेलं…’

This evergreen song penned by Veteran Poet Kusumagraj has inspired many lovers to love fearlessly. The song has given new energy to the people who are in love. On the similar linesShemaroo Entertainment Production House’s forthcoming Marathi film Pune via Bihar  portrays a main protagonist who is riding the waves of love.
The film which is produced by Atul Maru and Ketan Maru and directed by Sachin Goswami. The film which comprises of strong star cast, exotic locales, soulful music and technicians who are updated with new age technology will be a treat for the audience with full on entertainment. The film which showcases the novel lingo of love is all set to release all over Maharashtra on January 31st.
In Pune via Bihar we will get to watch the fantastic story of Abhijit Bhosale and Tara Yadav which develops on the backdrop of love, friendship, rivalry and politics. The romantic love story which develops between the young guy from Pune and a girl from Bihar will surely make you fall in love.
Abhijit who is an Engineering student truly loves Tara who is studying his college but Tara is not aware about it. Tara is a daughter of a big shot politician named Bahubali in Bihar. Her father decides to use his own daughter to gain power. To achieve this, he fixes Tara’s marriage with a son of another politician against her will. Abhijit goes to Bihar to help Tara to escape from this unwanted scenario. The thrilling journey that unfolds later is the film Pune via Bihar. Actor Umesh Kamat has essayed the character Abhijit and actor Mrunmayee Deshpande has played the role of Tara. Noted actor Bharat Jadhav is also playing a strong in the film. He has portrayed the character of Inspector Nimbalkar in the film.
The screenplay of the film is written by Sachin Mote and Sachin Goswami and the songs are written by Sachin Goswami. The songs are composed by Music director Aamir Hadkar. The songs which have various shades of love are sung by Avadhoot Gupte, Neha Rajpal, Sonu Kakaad, Raja Hasan, Bhalchandra Kadam, Ranbir and Chung. The cinematography of the film is done by Raja Satankar and editing is done by Anand Divan. Santosh Phutane has done the art direction of the film. Avinash Kharshikar and Ratnakant Jagtap are the executive producers of the film.
Produced by Shemaroo Entertainment Pune via Bihar which crosses all the borders of love is slated to release on January 31st.