Compare Western and Eastern Himalayas

A brief comparison between Western and Eastern Himalayas is given below :

1. Height: Western Himalayas is on the average, higher than the Eastern Himalayas.

2. Earthquake and landslides: The Eastern Himalaya is more prone to earthquakes and landslides.

3. Precipitation: The Eastern Himalaya receives much more precipitation than the Western Himalaya. Due to higher temperature and precipitation the Eastern Himalaya are far greener with forests than the Western Himalaya.

4. Temperature: Due to distance from the sea the range of temperature, both annual and diurnal, are greater in the Western Himalaya.

5. Snowline altitude: Due to higher altitude as well as latitude the temperature is much less in the Western Himalaya and as a consequence the snowline in the Western Himalaya is at a lower altitude than in the Eastern Himalaya.

6. Direction: The Eastern Himalaya rise more abruptly from south to north than the Western Himalaya. The Western Himalaya is broader from south to north than the Eastern Himalaya.