Cheating in Examination need to be Stopped

Cheating in examination has become so common that the exam authorities find it very hard to control. Students consider cheating in examination as their right. They use every means to deceive the supervisor and, if they are caught, they shed tears of crocodile. They beg pardon and some also threaten the supervisor of serious consequences.

Students use the creativity of their brain in cheating. Girls do not want to be left behind. Sometimes, the coping is prearranged on a large scale. Once students receive the sheet of questions, the questions are written on a sheet of paper and thrown out of the window. The friends, waiting outside, receive the questions paper and back the answers.

They bribe the peon and sweeper who help them in cheating. They also go to the bathroom to collect the cheating material from there. When captured, first, try to ask for an apology. If this method fails, show the guard the dagger.

Some states have passed strict laws to punish these students. The habit of cheating in examination among students need to be stopped because these things are not good for the society.