Brief information on Coromandel Coast Rainfall

Coromandel Coast receives two times rainfall in a year. India is a land of tropical Monsoon. During summer months, there creates a low pressure belt in the northern or north western part of India. So the moisture laden wind from the surrounding sea mass blow towards north and after crossing the equator it takes right turn according to Ferrel’s law and rushes against the West Coast and having heavy rainfall in the Malabar, Kanada and Kankan Coast. But the Leeward side of the Western Ghat including the Deccan plateau and the Coromandel Coast receives scanty rainfall.

But during the winter months, low pressure is present over the surrounding seas. So the wind blows from the northern part towards southern part of India. As it is a dry wind blows out land, no rainfall occur in any part of India except in the Coromandel Coast. As the wind blows over the Bay of Bengal it collects moisture and dashes against the East Coast having heavy rainfall in the Coromandel Coast. So Coromandel Coast receives low rainfall during summer & heavy rainfall during winter months.