Bhagwa- A saffron Dance Drama on stage

Bhagwa- a saffron colour has always been associated with Hinduism and Maratha history. This colour represents the pride and vanity of every Maratha. For the first time there will be a dance drama showcasing the rich history about it.
Dr.Amol Kolhe will be seen as Chhatrapati Shivaji ,Sambhaji Maharaj and also as a narrator along with 50 dancers.
This extravagant program is produced by Jagdamb Production by Vilas Sawant and Vijay Rane. The drama and songs are written by Vivek Apte and directed by Vijay Rane. Music is composed by Adi Ramchandra and choreographed by Naresh Lingayat. The first program will be held on 14 July and then it will be showcased in the entire Maharashtra.