Bajirao Mastani VFX video: How it was achieved?

Bajirao Mastani VFX video How it was achieved
Considering how powerful Deepika-Priyanka-Ranveer Singh’s performances were, Bhansali’s magnum opus “Bajirao Mastani” was spectacular in every sense. While people still can’t stop praising the VFX of the film since it was one of the very important aspects of the film. The entire VFX of the film was done under the supervision of Prasad Sutar, VFX Supervisor and the Co-founder of NY VFXWAALA, which is a division of Ajay Devgan Films.
The team at NY VFXWAALA headed by VFX Supervisor PRASAD SUTAR, broke down few of the iconic scenes in the film, for the audience to have a look at the work done into bringing this tale of 1700s back in the present.
The 4.47 minute video is a compilation of the VFX which created a history through the classic film Bajirao Mastani. Sheer hard work of Prasad Sutar and his team made him most deserving for the all the awards he won including the Asian Film Award in the best visual effects category. Prasad Sutar is the first technician from India who received the Asian Film Award in the VFX Genre. Here is the video which shows how Special Effects can change a scene drastically and sometimes make something from nothing.