“Ashach Eka Betavar” Marathi Movie Cast Story Photos

Ashach Eka Betavar (Multi Starrer – Suspense, Thriller)
Movie : Ashach Eka Betavar (अशाच एका बेटावर )
Production banner : Srushti Films
Produced By : Leena Bala Nandgaonkar, Divakar Sawant, Javed Pathan
Directed By : Sanjay Hinge
Star Cast : Sanjay Narvekar, Ankush Chaudhari, Madhura Velankar-Satam, Sai Tamhankar, Sanjay Mone, Yatin Karyekar, Mangesh Desai, Sharad Ponkshe, Kamalesh Sawant, Punam Jadhav
Screenplay By : Sanjay Pawar, Chintan Mokashi
Music : Milind Joshi
Lyrics : Rohini Ninaave, Sadanand Dabir, Milind Joshi
Singers : Devaki Pandit, Mahalaxmi Iyyer
Genre  : Suspense, Thriller
Release Date : 8 February 2013
Plot Outline :  हा चित्रपट एका सस्पेन्स थ्रिलर कथानकावर बेतलेला आहे. आठ वेगवेगळ्या व्यक्तीरेखांना एका सुनसान बेटावर बोलावलं जाते आणि त्यानंतर सुरु होणारी हत्याची साखळी त्या प्रत्येकालाच पेचात टाकते. मृत्यूचे वाढत जाणारे गूढ प्रत्येकावरच संशय घेते. खऱ्या गुन्हेगाराचा शोध नेमका कसा लागतो. ह्याचे लक्षवेधी चित्रण म्हणजे हा चित्रपट
Synopsis : 
A group of nine different men and women arrive from Mumbai at a secluded bungalow located on an
inhabited island in search of a mystery and a series of unexpected events surrounds them quickly
enough. The origin of each of these frightening happenings is deep rooted in the experiences each of
them has had during their prior life. Each night gives birth to an equally successive threateningly
frightening event and the ensuing series of occurrences acquires breathtakingly speedy momentum.
This thrilling journey of a stunning mystery is being presented in an upcoming Marathi feature film
titled as ‘Ashach Eka Betavar’ poised to be released all over Maharashtra on 8th February.
The film ‘Ashach Eka Betavar’ has been produced by Leena Nandgaonkar, Javed Pathan and Diwakar
Sawant. Today films based over a variety of subjects and themes are being launched in the world of
the Marathi cinema. Although there has been a long tradition of films based over thrilling mysteries in
Hollywood as well as Bollywood, one rarely finds such films being made in the domain of Marathi
cinema and that is why Leena Nandgaonkar is venturing into the domain of producing a film, through
the banner of ‘Shrushti Films’, that is based over a theme that will give a real life experience of a
mystery-thriller to the audiences after being convinced about the need for such a unique film. She was
induced to make a film of this kind with its title as ‘Ashach Eka Betavar’ after being appealed by the
subject matter in a mystery fiction written by the world famous novelist Agatha Christie.
Leena Nandgaonkar has left an imprint of her acting potential earlier through the Marathi theatre and
a few other films too. Even though this is her first film as a producer, she has earlier acted in dramas
and films of Machchindra Kambli and Purushottam Berde. She has stepped into the world of Marathi
cinema with a desire to make a quality production venture now. For Sanju Hinge too this is his
directorial debut after working as a fashion and industrial photographer for over 25 years now.
The screenplay of this film ‘Ashach Eka Betavar’, penned by Sanjay Pawar and Chintan Mokashi, is
based over the famous novel, ‘And then there were none’, written by Agatha Christie published almost
70 years ago. The frightening thrill and excitement of the mystery has been captured by Milind Joshi
through the music composed by him whereas the lyrics by Rohini Ninawe, Sadanand Dabir and Milind
Joshi which have been sung in the melodious voices of singers Devaki Pandit and Mahalaxmi Iyer.
The cinematography of the film ‘Ashach Eka Betavar’ has been carried out by Raju Kayjee,
choreography by Rajesh Bidwe and Amol Mujumdar whereas the editing has been done by Kshitij
Pawaskar and Abhijit Girulkar. The responsibility of being special executive producer is being handled
by Suhas Panchal. This film attempts to present the high quality production values and presentation
Shot at the scenic locations of Alibaug, the star-cast of the film is Ankush Chaudhari, Sanjay Narvekar,
Madhura Welankar, Sai Tamhankar, Yatin Karyekar, Sharad Ponkshe, Sanjay Mone, Mangesh Desai,
Kamlesh Sawant and Poonam Jadhav.
‘Ashach Eka Betavar’ is scheduled to be released on 8th February to give us a hair-raising experience
of a stunning mystery.