Asha Bhosale sings Suresh Bhat gajhals for her next album “82”

Mandar Agashe Asha Bhosle
Asha Bhosle and her magical voice is still reigning music industry though the singer has crossed eighty years. Her association with Suresh Bhat has always given mesmerizing compositions like “Kevha Tare Pahate, Malmali Tarunya Maajhe”, “Tarun Aahe Raatra Ajuni” Ashatai is once again back with gajhals by Suresh Bhat in her next Marathi Pop album. Titled as “82” and containing six gajhals, this album has been composed by young composer Mandar Agashe.
The songs have been gives different treatments like Pop, Reggae, Blues, Ballad etc. Oth, Asavanche, Barasoon, Haa Asaa Chandra, Toran and Divase he jaatee kase are the six gajhals have been composed for this album.
As a promotional tool for the album, a website has been created as . The website is hosting a competiton for fan made videos of these six songs. Best video will be chosen by Ashatai herself and will be remade as an official video. The songs are available for free download at the website.