Akbar and Maharana Pratap

Akbar ‘s proposal for friendship was sternly refused by the proud king of Mewar, Raja Uadi Singh. Moreover, he had given further offence to the Emperor by offering shelter to Baz Bahadur, the fugitive ruler of Malwa. Akbar resolved to punish the Mewar king. He accordingly dispatched a strong army. The Rana of Mewar then was Uday Singh. He saw that an immediate battle against the vastly superior Mughal army would be a grave risk. Accordingly he left capital for the hills, keeping a part of his army for the defense of Chitor. As the Mughal army marched in, the Rajput fought as best as they could but they were overwhelmed and the capital was occupied by the Mughals. But Akbar’s bid for the conquest of Mewar was not destined to succeed.

Maharana Pratap was the son of Maharana Uday (Udai) Singh of Mewar. For long twenty-five years he carried on relentless fight against the Mughals. He was beaten several times, but as he would not admit defeat so he was beaten, Akbar could not conquer him. Pratap was able to regain many of his fortresses and Akbar had to remain content only with the possession of Chitor and the immediate neighborhood.