Airtel issues clarification on Pooja Singh’s discriminatory request

The telecom company, Airtel landed in a controversy on 18 June, Monday in the evening when a certain subscriber called Pooja Singh complained about the customer service through her tweet.

Shoaib, the customer resolution officer replied to her tweet through ‘Bharti Airtel India’ the twitter handle of the telecom company saying that he would get back to her shortly after having a look.

Pooja Singh, supposedly a Hindu, replied with a ‘discriminatory tweet’ saying that, “Dear Shoaib, as you are a Muslim and I have no faith in your working ethics because Kuran may have a different version of customer service.” She further requested ‘Airtel’ to assign a Hindu representative to her request.

Allegedly, after considering Pooja’s request, Gaganjot (Hindu name) tweeted her back to assist her. This created a social media uproar to boycott Airtel over its discrimination and not standing up to bigotry.

Now, Airtel has written a letter to the ones who thought that the telecom company bowed down to Pooja’s discriminatory request. The company in it letter writes that it has never and will never succumb to differentiating on the basis of religion, ethnicity or caste.