Actor Siddharth Menon got married

You suit each other so perfectly. We wishing both of you all the happiness, blessings and keep falling in love with each other again and again. Have the most delightful married life.
Are you in confusion that whom we’re giving marriage wishes? Let us clear you one thing here that we are wishing chocolate boy Actor Siddharth Menon who just got married with his love Poornima Nair. This beautiful couple has tied the knot in the month of love i.e. February on 3rd.
Siddharth Menon is mainly known for his hit movies like Happy Journey, Rajwade and Sons, Poshter Girl and & Jara Hatke. He is the new face of Marathi film industry and he did everything best in his movies.
After being in true relationship they both have entered by holding each other’s hand in beautiful relation of Husband & Wife. On the occasion of their wedding they both have the outfit of South Indian style. Siddharth wore the white lungi and his wife Poornima draped in a golden south Indian saree with the gold jewelry. They both were looking charming and every one from their family and friends’ wished them beautiful married life.
Siddharth-Menon-Marriage-Photos Siddharth-Menon-With-Wife Actor-Siddharth-Menon-With-Wife-Poornima-Nair